Since its establishment, TRR now the TRBR continued to maintain its operations as a separate and independent regulatory body to regulate the telecommunications, radiocommunications and now the broadcasting sector for Vanuatu.

TRR’s main responsibilities, as provided for under the Act, are to (i) facilitate the development of the telecommunications sector, and (ii) manage radio-frequency spectrum, in order to promote national, social and economic development. Our duties and function is to ensure compliance with, implement, facilitate and enforce the provisions of the amended Act.

The transfer of broadcasting regulatory functions to TRR’s sphere of operations will now mean, the scope of our functions have widened and expanded. There are more and more emerging technologies such as Over The Top (OTT), Internet of Things (IoT) and Artifi cial Intelligence (AI), deployed globally and in Vanuatu as well. Technological developments can be interpreted as the mirror of human progress and failure in lives.

Therefore, building on and learning from TRBR’s previous three year strategic plan (2015 – 2017), TRBR develops this plan as a strategic direction to inform our stakeholders on our regulatory

This Strategic Plan (Plan) provides a transparent awareness of our intentions, a check and balance mechanism on TRBR’s operations, and a means by which we can be evaluated for our eff ectiveness and commitment.

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