Vision, Mission & Values


 A communications environment that enriches the social, cultural, customs, and commercial fabric of Vanuatu.



 To foster a conducive environment for the growth of telecommunications, broadcasting, and ICT services, and at the same time ensure that consumer interests are protected.



Inspiring - Our imagination, clarity of thought and clear leadership stimulates innovative thinking that meets the needs of tomorrow.

Commitment - Our drive and determination to achieve excellence, our discipline in the execution of our duties, our focus on the development of our team, and our sense of responsibility instill a passion for the development of Vanuatu.

Respect - Our respect for each other is ensured by listening, collaborating, and having consideration for each other, the public and licensees we work for, the rule of law, confidentiality, intellectual property, customs, the environment, and future generations.

Balanced - Our evidence-based approach to decision-making, and our adaptability to ensure that we remain proportionate, consistent, fair, and just.

Collaboration – A collaborative approach that enriches our partnership with government and stakeholders to drive the passion for communication across all sectors.