World Bank Grant

The Vanuatu Government (GoV) has received two World Bank Grants for telecommunications and ICT development. The Grants, provide for “facilitating the transfer of legal, regulatory and technical expertise to support the establishment of fully-functional oversight institutions for telecommunications and ICT in Vanuatu, thereby supporting the transition of Vanuatu’s telecommunications market from a monopoly to a fully liberalized environment, through the establishment of pro-competitive reform with the requisite regulatory oversight and improvement in access.”

Vanuatu is now recognized as a benchmarked leader in the Pacific region in respect of its regulatory (TRBR) and institutional (OGCIO) oversight and framework, and its development towards ICT inclusion for all of its citizens. This has been greatly facilitated by strong Government support and policy development, donor funding (Australia) as administered by the World Bank.

The Grant is a technical assistance program which is assisting TRBR’s development of expertize and regulatory capacity towards its self-sustainability from 2016. Throughout implementation we continue with the development of regulation and policy instruments, strengthening of our compliance function and monitoring of operator activities.