If you have come this far, you are definitely are a consumer! What makes me a consumer, you may ask.

To answer that question, lets go back to the question of, What is consume? To consume is to use or utilise, therefore, a consumer is one who uses or utilises a service or product. A citizen or resident who owns or uses a phone to communicate, a laptop or computer to receive and send information, a device to engage in conversations, forums, business dealings and simply manipulate and manage information and services is a consumer.  A telecommunication consumer is one who uses telecommunications services via the use of an ICT.

Consumers should expect quality services and products made available in a market that is affordable, safe and fair.  If however, you feel the products and/or services currently available to you are lacking in quality and you are unhappy about it, click on the Consumer Complaints FAQ to assist you. Or you can submit your complaint by completing the Online Complaints Form. Do read the Consumer Complaints FAQ before you proceed to lodge your complaint with Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Regulator (TRR). Download the Consumer Complaints FAQs .


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