TRBR with OGCIO conducted a consultation on the  Vanuatu National Cybersecurity strategy Policy 2020 - 2030 in Penama Province. The objective of the consultation is to get concerns and views of the local communities’ especially in all area councils being established by the decentralization policy of the National Government throughout the county about the cybersecurity Policy of the National Government. This consultation was scheduled to be conducted in all Provinces, communities, schools and Provincial Headquarters in Vanuatu.

The consultation targets the Area Secretaries, Area Administrators, Community Leaders, Chiefs, Women Leaders, Youth Leaders and people with special needs who interact with the Internet and technologies on a day-to-day basis. The National Cybersecurity Strategy (NCSS) is a plan of actions designed to improve security and resilience of Vanuatu’s national infrastructures and services. It is a high level top –down approach to cybersecurity that establishes all range of national objectives and priorities that will be achieved for Vanuatu within the next 10 years, that is 2020 to 2030.

Areas of consultation in Penama Province:

  1. Ambore, North West Ambae
  2. Walaha, West Ambae
  3. Lolopuepue, North Ambae
  4. Nasawa, South Maewo
  5. Sakau, South Ambae
  6. Saratamata, Penama Provincial Council
  7. Pangi , South Pentecost
  8. Bwatnapni , Central Pentecost 1
  9. Melsisi College, Central Pentecost 2 and
  10. Sara ,North Pentecost