Consumer Protection Regulation

Consumer Protection Regulation Consultation

TRR released a draft Consumer Protection Regulation to address a range of consumer protection issues.   The draft Regulation will facilitate the implementation of, and give effect to, the statutory consumer protection in Part 8 of the Act by adding supplementary detail or requirements and establish procedures to govern how they will be applied, implemented or assessed.

The Regulation will formalize TRR’s oversight of the terms and conditions under which telecommunications services are supplied to consumers to ensure that they are reasonable, appropriate and fair.   It will ensure consumers are given sufficient information about the capabilities and limitations of their telecommunications services, and the terms and conditions under which it is provided.

The Regulation will establish the minimum requirements and conditions which must be made available from operators to protect consumers, and strengthen customer relations and protection within the telecommunications sector. TRR believes that the Regulation will also assist all licensees to develop their customer practices and service guarantees in accordance with Part 8 of the Act.

TRR welcomes and invites comments and feedback to this consultation draft document from all interested parties. We would appreciate your response to be focused and refer to the main sections and sub sections of the draft Regulation when providing your comments.  The deadline for public Comments is 4pm, 29 August 2014.