Building on from 2016 and 2017 brief reports on online surveys conducted, to gauge consumer experiences on usage of telecommunications/ICT Services and products, this year’s consumer Survey exercise was conducted to fulfil the TRBR’s 2018 and onwards deliverables expected. The exercise is important because it assist TRBR to monitor the effectiveness of current services offered by the Services providers and also to guide TRBR’s approach on regulating consumer protection, building on its Consumer Awareness Protection Plan and complaints Handling Processes established. The outcome of the survey will also assist the TRBR to tailor its awareness and education programs that will positively impact the consumer’s lives.

In addition to the objectives of the exercise listed below, it was undertaken for the TRBR to fully understand the behaviour and attitude of consumers and or customers who are currently using these services and devices.

The exercise was a nationwide exercise targeting consumers and respective service providers’ customers who have already had access to and are using internet services, including other ICT services such as fixed internet, mobile smart phones and tablets using a 2.5G to 3.5G and or 4G networks.

With the exercise conducted, TRBR is not only implementing its functions but also contributing to deliver on and enable respective sectors to deliver on specific goals for Vanuatu 2030 “the People’s Plan”, particularly on some specific Pillars of the National Sustainable Development Goals under the social and Economy Pillars.

Additionally the survey was conducted to understand a consumers’ perspectives of their telecommunications service experiences, to get their opinions on a range of telecommunication topics which will help the TRBR to understand their service consumption behaviour, views and experiences with their service providers and, most importantly, provide the TRBR with valuable information and data that can shape the way the TRBR can further assist consumers and also become a vital element and reference for policy and industry planning for the telecommunication sector in Vanuatu.

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