“Trusted Smart Product” is the theme for the 2019 World Consumer Rights Day. In line with the digital innovations and technological evolutions, the theme drew more focus on how smart products could impact a consumer’s life in both a positive and negative way and the prerequisite consumers must have before engaging in the usage of smart products and services.

This year’s program was designed to facilitate the delivery of basic knowledge and advice about consumers’ basic rights, and the procedures or mechanism in place that consumers can and should use whenever they feel their rights as a consumer is not being respected. This was in strive to promote a safe environment, fair treatment and transparency when dealing with consumer rights.

There was over 400 people present throughout the day at the Seafront Park including the students and members of the public. The information was also disseminated around Port-Vila with a mobile team and to the remote areas and other islands through radio live coverage sponsored by multiple radio broadcasters.

The main aim of this year’s event is to raise awareness to the general consumers on their rights as consumers of goods and services, and at the same time provide a platform to service providers and retailers to emphasize on the quality of the services they provide and the efforts they are putting up to ensure consumer rights are respected and they avail higher quality products to their customers. TRBR has arranged for public institutions, associations, non-government organizations and business houses to come together and work towards a common goal which is consumer protection. The consumers are the kings and queens of their business and public institutions established up to provide public services to the consumers.

The expected key message for the consumers, respective authorities, responsible Government departments/ministries and Services Providers is;
• Have Access to fair and trusted products.
• Understand their rights and responsibilities before engaging in the usage of services or products.
• Enjoy products and services that comply with set criteria to meet a certain quality.
• To make sure the smart product they use either at a personal or professional level must be safe and secure.
• Service and goods providers should provide information to their consumer so they may know if a product and services they use can be trusted or not.
• To raise awareness on the mechanisms in place for consumers to raise their complaint to the relevant institutions whenever a complaint arises.
• Have access to products and services.
• For consumers to understand their rights and responsibilities before they use internet for transactions or use smart products.
• For the National Government to set up a commission or body to cater for the consumer rights and issues within the country.

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