Mobile Coverage in Vanuatu

During the past two years the TRBR team have been engaging in the mobile signal verification activity in some islands of Vanuatu to check the availability of telecommunications services and the Mobile signal strength. TRBR aims to cover as many islands of Vanuatu as possible, and this would be an ongoing activity in order to monitor and advise the consumers on where services are available.

Measurement data was collected for both Mobile Operators (TVL & Digicel) and the results displayed here is the combination of both operators and is irrespective of the mobile technologies i.e 2G/3G/4G.

The signal data collection is arbitrary, meaning there were no arrangements between the Telecommunications Mobile Operators and TRBR on when and how to do the test. Therefore, there may be some areas with mobile services available but are not shown on the maps. This may be due to the sites being turned off by the operator, sites were offline due to network fault, or the coverage have been improved in those areas after this measurement activity was carried out.

For further clarification and information on this drive test results, please do not hesitate to contact the TRBR office on the following contact .

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