The Community Telecommunications Grant (CTG) supplements the Government Universal Access Policy (UAP) to improve coverage at locations which are inadequately serve.

The Telecommunications Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR) collects levies from the local telecommunications licensees as part of a Universal Access Obligation. These levies are held in trust in the Universal Access Fund (UAF) whereby they can be used for the development of telecommunications infrastructure in unserved and underserved areas of Vanuatu. Part 4 of the Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Regulation Act of 2009 as amended by Amendment 22 2018, allows for any person or organisation to voluntarily contribute to the Universal Access Fund (UAF) account and to specify how those contributed funds are to be used. The TRBR has, over the past years, injected funds into the UAF trust account. A portion of the funds injected into the account are ring fenced to support the Community Telecommunications Grant initiatives that will assist in providing access, connectivity and services to communities and citizens of Vanuatu.


The TRBR wishes to encourage local communities to consider telecommunications projects that may assist the development of the local community both economically and socially. To assist in funding these activities the TRBR establishes the Community Telecommunications Grant (CTG) scheme whereby projects that consider and include telecommunications and ICT development within respective communities may be financially supported by the TRBR voluntarily contributions to the UAF account. These grants must also be supported by the community to enable sustainability of these projects and must not be seen as a once off handout for development, with communities required to contribute a portion of the funds prior to any grant consideration.

How to Apply

Applications for the Community Telecommunications Grants are currently open and will close on the 31st of March 2022.

Interested parties may download the information sheet and application form or call into the TRBR for further information and to obtain the full information sheet and application form.

- CTG Information

- CTG application form

Applicants are welcome to apply at any time during this period via our online application system or call the TRBR for assistance.

When you are ready follow the link to either complete the application form online or submit your completed application form.


Require Further Help

For more information, or to talk with someone in the TRBR Team, email us at or call us on +678 27621.