The Role

The objectives of this Assignment are primarily to work with the TRBR team focusing on the following areas.

  1. Assess the current situation of the Broadcasting industry in Vanuatu, including policies, legislations, regulations, licenses, market and identify gaps and make recommendations to the Regulator.
  2. Develop any regulatory legal framework relevant for Vanuatu in line with the Vanuatu Broadcasting Regulatory Road map.
  3. Develop a Code of Practice for Vanuatu ("the Codes") to set out the ethical and content standards and guiding principles and policies for broadcasting and media services, in consultation with the Licensees, Stakeholders and the Civil society.
  4. Propose and to the extent, if possible, within the time frame, deliver training to the TRBR staff so that the staff are well equipped to continue to appropriately perform their regulatory role and oversee compliance with the Broadcasting Licensees.
  5. Develop a road map, in consultation with the Broadcasting Licensees and the Stakeholders, for transition from analog to digital terrestrial television for Vanuatu.
  6. Develop technical standards for television and sound broadcasting with regards to both the programmed content and technical performance of broadcasts in Vanuatu.
  7. Review the Vanuatu Spectrum Plan for the Broadcasting sector.
  8. Provide Regulatory Advice to the Regulator on broadcasting when required by the Regulator; and
  9. Perform any other tasks as request by the Regulator.
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