The process of consultation is a cornerstone of TRBR’s operations, and is reflective of the TRBR’s prioritization of the promotion of transparency and participation. Given the critical role that telecommunications services plays in the lives of all citizens, it is a must that stakeholders are given opportunities to participate in and contribute to TRBR’s regulatory processes.

Through the consultation process, TRBR affords interested parties and the public at large (depending on the type and nature of the documents being consulted on), opportunities to input to the process through such consultation and it provides for affected and/or interested persons and the public to make appropriate submissions to TRBR.

TRBR has, accordingly, developed its TRBR Consultation Guidelines which allows all relevant stakeholders to contribute to the development of regulatory instruments. Interested parties may make submission on any consultative documents.

The table of consultative documents below outlines various documents which have undergone or are currently undergoing consultation, and the status of each respective document.

• 2020 Consultations

• 2019 Consultations

• 2018 Consultations

2017 Consultations

2016 Consultations

2015 Consultations

2014 Consultations

2013 Consultations

2012 Consultations

2011 Consultations

2010 Consultations