Closing Date for Comments

Comments & Reports 


Nominated Service Provider (NSP) RIO

 7 Jun 2013

4 pm, 19 Jul 2013

Constructive submissions and comments were received from Digicel and TVL as the Nominated Service Providers (NSPs), including Interchange Vanuatu Ltd as interested party during the consultative process. Following the review of all submissions and comments, TRBR finalized and published the NSP RIO in December 2013, as the NSP RIO for the sector. A Review Report was compiled and sent to parties that have provided submission and comments during the Public Consultation on the Draft NSP RIO

TRBR review on Draft NSP RIO


Radio Apparatus Licence Fees and Procedures 

 3 May 2013

 4 pm, 31 May 2013

 Due to much opposition on the revised fees schedule, TRBR decided to go back to another consultation process.

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