Closing Date for Comments

Comments & Reports


Market Determination in Vanuatu for Regulatory Purposes

 16 October 2015

4pm, 27 November 2015

TRR response report to comments on Market Definitions



Consumer Protection Regulation

24 August 2015

11 September 2015



Consumer Protection Regulation gazette


Consultation documents: Telecommunications Class Exception: On-Premises Supply of Wi-Fi Internet Connectivity by Hotels, Cafés, Bars, Restaurants and Like Businesses

Draft Telecommunications class Exception



8 April 2015


4pm, 30 April 2015


Feedback report on the consultation paper on class exception for wifi internet supply



Final class exception small users: Hotels, Cafes and Bars

Vanuatu Domain Name Management and Administration draft Regulation





19 December 2014



27 February 2015

 Extended to

Friday 27th March 2015, at 4:00pm


 .vu management and administration structure and regulation presentation

Brief paper .vu ccTLD issues for stakeholder pre-consultation

Report on public consultation submissions and comments: Final consultation paper on the .vu ccTLD Management and Administration regulation and Rule N0.1 operational procedures

 09 Dec 2015, 2nd round consultation on Vanuatu Domain Name Management and Administration Regulation

Draft regulation on Vanuatu domain name management and administration

Draft rule no 1 operational procedures


Revised data collection framework

24 November 2014

4pm, 15 December 2014

Second consultation on Revised Annex 2 of order 2 2012

Report on the consultation of TRR's revised data collection framework