The main objective of this document is to explore opportunities to improve the existing licensing framework and to provide an appropriate framework that is suitable to fast forward economic activities in the industry.

Its rational is not limiting service innovation but encourages the use of any technology ensuring greater flexibility and efficient use of resources. Further, to provide opportunity for
market creation and to encourage meaningful connectivity and the uptake of digital services especially in the rural areas.
With this licensing regime, TRBR will be able to:

• To ensure that market participants are appropriately qualified for market segments.
• To provide a mechanism to aid the enforcement of the obligations established in the broader legal and regulatory framework for telecommunications and broadcasting.
• To establish appropriate standard terms and conditions for specific class of license; and
• To design a suitable License fee structure that is appropriate for different classes of license in the telecommunication and broadcasting sector.

TRBR has therefore prepared the draft Regulation at Annex A for that purpose. As required under section 7 of the Act, TRBR is engaging in a public consultation process before finalizing the proposed Regulation.

Stakeholders are requested to send their comments preferably by 4pm, 6th September 2021. For any clarifications / information may be contacted on Tel. No 27621 or email

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