The Telecommunications Radiocommunications  and  Broadcasting  Regulator  (TRBR)  is consulting  on  the special standard and specific terms and conditions of  the  Satellite  telec ommunications licenses in  the case of  services provided on both a wholesale and   a   retail basis  in  Vanuatu pursuant  to  the  powers  set out in Section 12, 13, l 4 and 15 of the Telecommunications, Radiocommunications, and  Broadcasting  Act No. 30 of 2009, as amended (the "Act").

As  such TRBR  is hereby  seeking  to  obtain views  from  important key stakeholders    on whether Vanuatu Market should have the benefit of modern satellite-based services, including LEO satellite  services,  and how    the regulatory framework should be amended to best facilitate this, and to avoid unintended consequences for the telecommunications sector and markets in the process.

Please refer to the attached Consultation document for more information and provide comments on Key questions raised in the Consultation document,

Please ensure to provide your comments no later than 1st of December 2023.

We look forward to your valuable contribution to this consultation.