Decision 01 of 2018 - TRR's Decision on the Planning for the 2100MHZ Band in Vanuatu

TRR publicly consulted on the 2100 MHz Band Planning and, using feedback and comments received during the consultation, issued its Decision 01 of 2018, on 5th of May 2018, outlining the process that it will follow in its allocation and assignment of the 2100 MHz spectrum band.

TRR released its consultation document on 6th April 2018 inviting public comment and input on the planning of the 2100MHz Band in Vanuatu. During the consultation period, TRR received comments and feedback from service providers, stakeholders and interested persons, which assisted the Regulator in the making of his decision.

TRR is mandated by Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Regulation Act 2009, to regulate the telecommunications sector and to manage the radio frequency spectrum, in order to promote national social and economic development.


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