The Telecommunications, Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR) wishes to remind all users of a broadcasting that all Licences must be renewed before the 31st of December 2018.

In accordance to Section 16 C of the Telecommunications Radiocommunications Broadcasting Regulation Act No 30 of 2009 as amended by Amendment 22 of 2018 (the Act) which states that,

(1)A person who intends to :

(a) Install or use any broadcasting in any place in Vanuatu or on board any ship, aircraft or vehicle registered in Vanuatu or;

(b) Offer for sale or sell have in his or her possession, with a view to sell, any broadcasting apparatus; or

(c) establish or maintain a broadcasting station,

Must apply to the Regulator for a broadcasting licence,

(2) An application under subsection (1), must be in the form and must be accompanied with the fees, as determined by the Regulator.

(3) The Regulator may require such other documents as are necessary to assist him or her in making a determination under this section.

(4) The Regulator must not issue a broadcasting licence under this section unless he or she is satisfied that the person applying for a licence has such technical, financial and professional qualifications as may reasonably be equipped for the purpose of that application.

(5) The Regulator may at any time determine the terms and conditions that will be applied to each broadcasting licence.

TRBR, therefore advises that all broadcasting licensees will have to renew their annual licence fee before the expiry date. All outstanding fees must be cleared before renewing licence. Failure to do so will mean that you are in breach of the Act.

Anyone who owns and, or operates a Radio device but is not sure whether he or she needs a broadcasting licence should contact TRBR at the following address; Level 1, Rossi Ocean Walk building (opposite Bred Bank), Port Vila or via email at  or phone number (678) 27621 as soon as possible.

TRBR would like to thank all licensees’ in advance for collaborating over the above matter.