The Office of the Telecommunications, Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR) wishes to inform all its valuable Stakeholders that, Ms. Dalsie Baniala’s contract with the TRBR as the Regulator has concluded.

Ms. Baniala was the first Ni – Vanuatu female staff who had been recruited to the Office when it was first established in 2008 and was appointed to the Regulator position in 2015.

She has successfully completed her three (3) year term as per the Legislation and her contract signed with the Office of the Prime Minister who is responsible for the Telecommunications Sector in Vanuatu.

As per the Legislation, the Office of the TRBR is currently   administered by Mr. John Obed Alilee, the Utilities Regulatory Authority (URA) Chief Executive Officer effective as of Monday 03 December, 2018 until such time a new Regulator is appointed.

All stakeholders and the public are assured of the TRBR’s continued smooth and effective operations and the performance of its roles and functions.

All Telecommunications and Broadcasting Regulatory matters should be directed to the Regulator, Mr. John Obed Alilee on (+678) 27621 or email: .

Our Office is currently located at Level 1, Rossi Ocean Walk Building (Opposite Bred Bank), Port Vila, Vanuatu.