This Universal Access Policy (UAP) report is the thirteenth (13th ) Report, that provides an update on the implementation of the UAP to our stakeholders and the general public. This report highlights the progress activities that have been made in respect to the UAP implementation from July 2021 to date. COVID-19 pandemic has been a major obstacle in the implementation of the UAP, with the closure of the border, the shipment of tower infrastructure from the manufacturer to Vanuatu have been significantly delayed and the lock down on the community movement has also slowed the progress on site installations.

However, despite the set backs caused by COVID-19, TRBR has achieved a number of activities in progress towards achieving the UAP objectives, these includes; signing of the 3rd UAP Undertaking Agreement with the Telco Operators in July 2022 , following the 2nd Undertaking Agreement signed in June of 2021, with a total of 40 underserved and unserved areas committed to Vodafone, Digicel and Wantok. Additionally, with the UAP other programs on Community initiatives, a total of 23 Schools benefited from Satellite Broadband connectivity, with wifi equipment that extended the internet coverage to a range of 300 meters. The internet facility is supplemented with ICT equipment.

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