This Seventh Universal Access Policy (UAP) Update Report provides a progress update to our stakeholders and the citizens of Vanuatu on the status of implementation of the Government’s UAP up to June, 2017. It builds on TRBR’s Sixth UAP Update Report of December 2016. This Report highlights the continued progress that has been made in respect of UAP implementation and particularly, to successfully building on to the secured industry commitment and cooperation in meeting the UAP requirements and the key Government objectives, to bring benefit to the people of Vanuatu; in accord with the intention of the UAP, as well as the economy of Vanuatu.

The Telecommunications Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR) continues to appreciate, recognise and acknowledge the commitment of the Players (TVL and Digicel) and industry at large for their achievements to date, and as presented in this Report. TRBR also recognises the valuable assistance, cooperation and support from the Australian Government through its Governance for Growth Program which has significantly contributed, through financial support, to its success via the deployment of telecommunications and internet access into remote and underserved areas of Vanuatu; particularly in respect of the Computer Lab and Internet Community Centres (CLICC) programs. We also recognize the support of the Japanese Government through the Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT) towards universal access and its contribution, both financially and technically, on the Tanna (Yasur Volcano) Geohazards pilot project.

The significant milestones achieved over the last six months by the industry and the stimulus arrangements funded from the UAP Fund, have enabled TRBR to make some further important additional and progressive steps towards meeting the UAP objectives.

TRBR has importantly, taken a considerable proactive and guiding approach and lead role through the process of UAP implementation over the last few years; particularly in the negotiation, finalisation and signing of the UAP Player’s Undertakings outlining commitments to the implementation of the UAP through the upgrading and rollout of new services, and the provisioning and deployment of equipment and materials for the UAP Information Communications Technologies (ICT) school and internet community centre programs.