Telecommunications Industry

Vanuatu's Telecom Industry consists of Telecom Licensed Operators providing Telecom services to the general public.

Telecom services ranges from Telephone fixed services, Mobile Telephony, Mobile broadband, Fixed Internet ADSL, Wireless Internet Broadband, Public Broadband Hotspots.

Vanuatu Telecom Industry Background

Privately owned Telecommunication services were introduced into Vanuatu as early as 1978. The company which is now Telecom Vanuatu Ltd (TVL) was the only service provider of Telecommunications services until the market was liberalised in 2008.

On 20 November 1992, The Minister of Telecommunications, on behalf of the Government, entered into the Franchise Agreement with TVL. The franchise agreement provided for the grant to TVL of the sole rights for the twenty year term to provide, operate and develop the Public telecommunications System of Vanuatu snd further to be the exclusive provider of Public Telecommunications Services in Vanuatu.

TVL then ventured into new technology at that time, including the analogue telecommunications services and internet.

The major turning point in the Telecommunications sector occured in 2007 when the government, under a settlement agreement, exchanged its 33.3% shares in the incumbent operator, TVL, to end the monopoly. The government now has no commercial investment in any company.

In 2008, Digicel Vanuatu Limited was awarded a Telecom license to provide Telecom services. This had a major boost to the existing telecom services, as additional services were introduced. A significant rise in GSM mobile 2.5G and HSPA 3G coverage throughout Vanuatu, particularly to rural areas and Telecom service cost reduced immensely. Approximately 85% of the Vanuatu population had mobile coverage.

Further to Digicel entering the market industry, other business were also granted Telecom licenses to provide, mainly broadband internet and wifi hotspot services.

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