The Telecommunications Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR) has, on Friday 19 December 2014, released its further Consultation Paper on a draft Regulation on Vanuatu Domain Name Management and Administration, for public input and welcomes and invites comments and feedback to this Consultation document from all interested stakeholders and parties.

TRBR is responsible under section 7 (4) (e) of the Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Regulations Act No. 30 of 2009 (“the Act”) for the management and administration (including the exclusive management and administration) of country code top level domain names for Vanuatu and domain name registration for Vanuatu.

TRBR has already consulted on the matter of .vu ccTLD management in October 2012.  Very limited feedback was received at that time, and TRBR adjudged that the submissions were insufficient to support the implementation of any major ccTLD management changes.  Since then, TRBR has undertaken considerable study into this issue and has been made aware of various views and concerns about expansion of the .vu domain market.  TRBR has also had the benefit of a number of discussions with TVL, as the current Registry operator, about how management of the ccTLD might develop in future.

TRBR has therefore developed a comprehensive draft Regulation setting out the roles and responsibilities of the various participants in the domain management process in the future, and of the procedures that shall generally apply. The draft Regulation is attached for public consultation at Annex D of the consultation document.  A graphic summary of the proposed new .vu ccTLD management structure appears at Annex B, but this is subject to the detail in the draft Regulation. TRBR is confident through its study, discussions and negotiations, with a range of parties that this approach is best fit for Vanuatu in that it will build a strong base for a competitive .vu domain market.

We now seek your views on what we are proposing through this draft Regulation.