Telecommunications Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR) has the ultimate responsibility for the management and the administration of the .vu
domain name space as established by the Telecommunications and Radiocommunications
Regulation Act No. 30 of 2009, and the “Vanuatu Domain Name Management and
Administration Regulations Order No. 206 of 2016”.

From beginning of 2016, there is much positive progress on implementing the appropriate
approach and sound mechanism that TRBR has in place on managing and administering the
Vanuatu Country Code Top Level Domain (.vu ccTLD). TRBR’s approach going forward is to
enforce the .vu regulation and especially at this time around, implementing Part 4, Section 13,
subsections 3 of the .vu ccTLD Regulation which stated that “the Registry Operator must not be
a Registrar and at the same time as the Registry Operator”. The Regulation continues to
emphasize that where a Registry Operator is appointed; the Registrars must also be accredited.

TRBR is currently at the stage of formalizing and finalizing the required procedures to engage the Registry, and ensure the Registrars are accredited.  Given the sensitivity of the valuable service,the domain name is providing, TRBR will continue to ensure that the required deliverables are delivered with due diligence and importantly, that does not cause online businesses interruptions.

TRBR is fortunate to work with one of the DNS expert, Mr. Keith Davidson of New Zealand.   Mr. Davidson is engaged to assist with expert advice to ensure that there is no disruption during the processes involved on working towards liberalizing .vu ccTLD domain name.

The .vu ccTLD regulation has been finalized and gazette.  With Mr. Davidson’s expert advice and guidance TRBR is currently undertaking the list of the activities below.

- consulting on the rules and policies of the .vu registration for both Registry and Registrar;
-Formalizing the Registry’s principles and Responsibilities including operational procedures;
-Consulting with the .vu service operator on the required actions going forward to transition period where required.

Through the ongoing collaboration with the current registry, registrar service operator, it is anticipated that by end of 2017, there is identified Registry Operator and the accredited Registrars.Through this ongoing collaboration but independent decision making, we hope that the Internet community in Vanuatu and at large, will see more valuable benefits of the .vu service in the coming years.

Keep following this page for more updates on the progress of the development of this deliverable.