General User Radio Licence

Radio frequency spectrum is a natural asset and national resource with limited amount to provide radiocommunications, which have to be managed properly for effective and fair utilization. The demand for application of frequencies is growing daily and it is a predominant need of all equipment, which are in operation using energy of electromagnetic waves. Airplanes, ships, satellites, radars, cell phones, sound and TV broadcasters, TV receivers, radio transceivers, microwave links, radio trunk, cordless phones, handsets, wireless apparatus, home appliance, industrial and medical equipment, weather forecasters and many other applications are managed internationally and nationally to take benefit of spectrum.

Section 7 of the Act prescribes the general functions and powers of TRBR; one of which is Paragraph 7 (4) (f) of the Act states that “imposing restrictions or limitations upon the importation, sale or use of any equipment used or likely to be used in connection with radiocommunications or telecommunications”.

The Telecommunications, Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR) hereby announces the introduction of the General User Radio Licence (GURL) Guideline for National Type Approval Framework and Short - range Radiocommunications Devices (SRDs) for the Republic of Vanuatu.

The successful introduction of this proposed new Guideline for telecommunications, radiocommunications and broadcasting technical conditions and radiation limits for SRDs and unlicenced equipment will involve many stakeholders, including some that are not participants in the telecommunications and broadcasting sector. TRBR wishes to inform all stakeholders to ensure they are aware of and understand the interference issues that can be generated by this type of devices/equipment if they are not operating within the specifications specified in this Guideline. TRBR is proposing this Guideline, to establish a guide for SRD users in Vanuatu to overcome any present or potential interference issues on licenced frequency bands and that all SRDs and like equipment that is intended to be imported into, or to be manufactured and to be used in Vanuatu, must be in compliance with this Guideline.

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