2012 Statistics

The mobile subscriber numbers are estimated to be 150,000 in 2012. Anecdotal indications are that the total count have declined slightly (possibly indicating reduced dual subscriptions TVL/Digicel) Mobile network coverage of Digicel is estimated at more than 90% of the population and TVL coverage around 70% but growing as TVL commissions the additional 8 base stations required under the universal access policy 2009. Present population coverage is estimated at around 92%. Internet access subscriptions are growing, anecdotal indications shows 23% in mid-2012, although subscription rates remain very low. Fixed lined subs are declining from year to year due to converged and other alternative means of communications within the two urban centres, rural and remote areas.

In June 2012 both operators Digicel and TVL have reached an Interconnection Agreement for wholesale interconnection between both parties. As a result there was a 25% decrease in interconnect costs between the two operators , whilst standard tariffs offered by both operators remain constant between 2011 and 2012. Both operators continue to offer discounted, promotional offer to the telecommunications end users of Vanuatu, and consumers are continuously being offered affordable services.

Telecommunications Revenue has declined by 7% comparing quarter ending September 2012 compared with quarter ending September 2011 in the traditional revenue line. Whilst there is now increase usage of Social Media current stats showing 8,660 as at December 2012 . The number of social media users picked at 9,220 at the eve of the Vanuatu General Election then declined back to 8,660 by December 2012. Social baker statistic indicates that Social networking statistics show that Facebook penetration in Vanuatu is 3.94% compared to the country's population and 45.48% in relation to number of Internet users.

Both Operators are actively encouraging use of social media and web based applications for their smart phone users, and laptop dongles (GSM Modems). Means of telecommunications market has become more dynamic compared to early 2008.


GDP Service sector grow by 3.6% for the year ended 2011. Information and communications sector grew by 7.3% in 2011 . GDP contribution by the Information and communications sector in 2011 is 6% compared to 5% in 2010 .

TVL had upgraded its core network, particularly its switch systems for installation of additional ADSL equipment and then services, and has launched 3G mobile broadband. Digicel launched 3G+ mobile broadband service in Port Vila and Luganville (having upgraded some of their base stations) in 2012 . Currently all GSM 2.5G sites around Vanuatu have GPRS/Edge Technology complimenting the 92% Voice coverage. Digicel has launched 3 rural 3G+ sites. Uptake of mobile internet for TVL and Digicel is evident but slow due to relatively high cost of the services and latency issues.

Of the twelve licensees, including Internet Service Providers (ISPs), TVL, Digicel, Telsat, Can’l, Incite, SPIM and Interchange are active). Interchange, is understood to have opted to focus on wholesale access through a proposed new submarine cable. The other licensees are either not yet operating or providing services on a very limited scale.