Numbering refers to mobile and telephone numbers that identify a mobile and telephone user and importantly act as the address, allowing the user to be able to receive calls and sms.

Primary Role of Numbers:

    Naming and addressing, i.e. routing calls or messages to a particular subscriber or particular termination point within a network;

Secondary Role of Numbers:

    Providing callers with an indication of the likely costs of calling the number

            o   e.g. geographic significant information

            o   e.g. On-net versus off-net calls

            o   Often used by operators to calculate retail billing rates and wholesale (i.e. inter-network) call charges

   • Branding

            o   Particular types of services (e.g. toll free services or information services)

            o   Particular operators or networks

    Providing call trace, malicious call identification and fraud prevention and detection.

 What is Numbering?

 National Numbering Plan and Procedures

 Numbering Allocation

 Short Code and Emergency Numbers

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