Applications for Numbers

As one of its functions under the Act, Telecommunications Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR) manages the National Numbering Plan and Procedure (NNPP) for Vanuatu. TRBR allocates number range to Service providers in accordance with the NNPP. Service providers  may apply for allocation of the rights to use a number range but they do not own the number; as that to the customer.

Service providers that have achieved the target utilization for previously allocated rights to use of numbers blocks for the intended service, and those intending to launch a new service, may apply to TRBR for a number allocation.

Service Providers who wish to apply for numbers are required to fill the TRBR Numbering Application Form.

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Download this file (new_number_application_form_2019_b.pdf)Numbering Application Form 563 kB