Numbering Allocation

Numbers are allocated to service providers in accordance with the National Numbering Plan and Procedures, which can be accessed from Telecommunications Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator's (TRBR) website.

Some uses of numbering ranges include:

Access Numbers

The numbers series with the leading digit of 0 is designated for use as access numbers. Refer to Table 6-2 in the National Numbering Plan and Procedures for more details. Access numbers include:

   • Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) code,

   • Carrier Selection (CS) code,

   • Number Portability (NP) code,

   • Toll Free codes,

   • Premium Rates Services (PRS) numbers

Short Codes

Short codes are numbering resources that provides for easy access by Service Providers’ customers to public, network and value added services. Short codes numbers are 3 digits numbers in the 1xx range. They are categorized by the type of service for which they are used. Short codes are assigned in accordance with the Short Code Assignment Rules under Table 6-3 in the National Numbering Plan and Procedures.

Fixed Numbers

The National Significant Number (NSN) is and 5 digits for fixed telephony except for short codes.

Mobile Numbers

The NSN is 7 digits for mobile services and VOIP service The 7-digits numbering ranges starting with 7 are reserved for Telecom Vanuatu Limited (TVL) and the 7-digits ranges commencing with 5 are reserved for Digicel Vanuatu Limited (Digicel). These provisions were included respectively in their licenses.

VOIP Numbers

The 7 digits 90 - 98 numbers series is designated for VOIP services, including Nomadic and excluding mobile services.