Type Approval and Compliance Marks

Under section 7(4)(f) of the Act, provides for Telecommunications Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR) to make regulations “imposing restrictions or limitation upon the importation, sale or use of any equipment used or likely to be used in connection with radiocommunications or telecommunications”. The Act however did not mandate nor does it specify that TRBR must approve equipment being importing, sold or used in Vanuatu. A TRBR regulation will, instead, act as the mechanism to regulate movement of equipment entering, use and sell in Vanuatu.

To ensure the market is protected from unsafe equipment and such equipment complies with safety standard, TRBR is currently reviewing its draft Regulation made under section 7(4) (f) of the Act. In the meantime, TRBR encourage all suppliers, importers or seller to ensure that any equipment relating to telecommunications and radiocommunications to comply with the standard developed by the Regulator.

Once TRBR finalizes and approval is received from the Minister for gazettal of the Regulation, as required by law, that Regulation will then override the standards established by the Regulator.

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