Telecommunications Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR) released today, a documentary on “The Rensarie UAP Broadband Pilot Project” - a community based project on piloting the provision of Broadband Internet through a Telecentre, in a rural area called Rensarie, on the island of Malekula, Vanuatu.

The Pilot Project started in October 2010 and ended in November 2013. By stimulating the up-take of internet, the project focused on providing Internet as a sustainable business and for social development in this rural community.

The Pilot project is an outcome of the Government of Vanuatu (GOV) UAP framework and program, and is an initiative of and exemplifies collaborative working arrangement between GOV, TRBR and the Australian Government. This Pilot project was funded by the Australian Government with aid via its Governance for Growth support for the Vanuatu UAP program, and was developed and implemented by TRBR with the support and assistance of the GOV. The project was built by Incite; a local IT company and Telecom Licensee.

The Pilot period was developed in two phases; the first phase was a 12 month period that began on 1st December 2011 during which the Pilot project was managed by Incite as the tender winner to build the Telecentre. The second and final phase began in December 2012 and ended on 30 November 2013. During the final phase, the Pilot Project was managed by Rensarie College on behalf of the community. TRBR had project management, technical auditing and oversight roles, during the entire  pilot period.

TRBR was honored to have this Pilot project handed over to the Rensarie Community by the  Hon. Prime Minister, on 16 May 2014 during the celebration of the World Telecommunications and Information Society day in Port-Vila.

The documentary film captures the story of the Rensarie UAP Broadband Pilot Project, i.e. the implementation, development, impact and contribution of Broadband Internet on the social, economic, educational, health and personal development in rural areas. The film demonstrates and shares the lessons learned, the success and challenges experienced in this project which were used by OGCIO to support development of the Government’s Universal Access Policy.

This film (in English language) is intended to be used for national, regional and international television viewing as well as for distribution to other Regulators, Government bodies, Policy Makers and NGOs. This documentary is a production of MALCO Productions a small Ni-Vanuatu owned business.

TRBR wishes to thank and acknowledge all stakeholders involved in the Rensarie UAP Broadband Pilot Project for their invaluable support, assistance and contribution.”

Watch the Documentary Film