According to the Vanuatu National Provident Fund report, the telecommunications/ICT sector provides at least 370 active jobs, made up of 1.4 % of the total VNPF registered employment rate of Vanuatu. The sector also provides more than 1500 jobs to Ni-Vanuatu citizens in the form of subcontractors, vendors and other employment. Telecommunications Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator's (TRBR) is working closely with the National Statistics Office and the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu in the development of indicators for the telecommunications sector.

The indicators show year-by-year results of this Sector’s contribution to GDP. Statistical information obtained from the Reserve Bank, shows that the telecommunications and ICT sector contributed 5.2% to the GDP growth for 2013. This Sector has consistently, over the last five years, contributed an average of at least this figure to Vanuatu’s economy and GDP; and is recognized as a major contributor.