Pursuant to Section 7 of the TRBR Act 30 of 2009 as amended by Amendment 22 of 2018 (“the Act”). This provision prescribes the general functions and powers of TRBR. Subsection 7(3) of the Act states:

The Regulator may, with the approval of the Minister, make such regulations as may be necessary or convenient to give effect to the provisions of this Act”, and Paragraph 7(4) (f) of the Act states that “imposing restrictions or limitations upon the importation, sale or use of any equipment used or likely to be used in connection with radiocommunications or telecommunications.

Bluetooth is one of the most popular short‐range wireless communication standard and is available in almost all ICT and RTTE devices that are now being imported into the Country.

In Accordance with Section 7 of the Act, The Regulator has instructed that any devices that will be imported into the Country which has ONLY Bluetooth functions, Standard IEEE 802.15.1,** will be exempted from TRBR type approval fees for Local Importer Permit only.

Devices that has both Bluetooth and WIFI function will still require a  TRBR type approval Certificate and permit for the devices to be imported into the country

Should you require further information in relation to this matter, , please contact the Office of TRBR on +678 27621 or email to enquiries@trbr.vu or visit TRBR Website www.trbr.vu