This Fourth Universal Access Policy (UAP) Update Report is intended to update stakeholders on the progress made in Telecommunications Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator's (TRBR) implementation of the Government’s UAP up to December 2015. It builds on the TRR’s Third UAP Update Report of July 2015.

TRBR recognizes and acknowledges the commitment of the Players and industry at large for the achievements presented through this Report. The significant milestones achieved over the last six months by the industry have enabled TRBR, and the Government, to make some very important additional and progressive steps towards meeting the UAP objectives.

TRBR has taken a considerable proactive and guiding approach to the implementation of the UAP through the upgrading and rollout of new services, and the provisioning and deployment of equipment and materials for the UAP ICT School and internet community centre programs.

TRBR is pleased to confirm that, based on the latest and current UAP deployment plans of the Players and TRBR’s estimated existing mobile coverage, the population coverage rollout that is now expected to reach, and should potentially exceed, the overall UAP target of 98%. TRBR will commence a mobile coverage audit of the current coverage early next year to establish the current base coverage from which we will be able to determine the actual new coverage provided by the UAP Undertaking rollout.

A formal launch of the UAP ICT School and internet community centre program was undertaken on the 27th November 2015 by the Minister for Education and Training at Sarakata Centre School Luganville. The first ICS, iTuani Informesen & Communikesen Senta in Avunamalai Village Malo Island was also opened on the 30th November 2015.
TRR remains committed to its methodology and approach to achieving the UAP objectives by working cooperatively and constructively with the operators, stakeholders and other relevant parties, and will continue to keep the Government fully informed of all developments.

TRBR will develop regular UAP Update Reports at similar intervals to keep stakeholders fully aware of Key UAP developments and progress.