Telecommunications Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR) publicly consulted on the Fixed Service Band Planning in Q2/3 2014 and, using valuable feedback and comments received from licensees and stakeholders during the consultation, issued its Decision 03 of 2014, on 19 November 2014.

The decision outlines the band plans and channelling arrangements that TRBR will follow in its allocation and assignment of spectrum for the fixed microwave radio services in Vanuatu.

TRBR released its consultation document on 27 June 2014 inviting public comment and input on the planning of the Fixed Services Bands in Vanuatu. The Consultation was planned to end on 28 July 2014, but was extended to 14 August 2014 to accommodate additional input from TVL and Digicel regarding TRBR’s proposed plans, and their existing usage of the 7 GHz band; as well as to allow for any late submissions of feedback and comments. TRBR received comments and feedback from service providers, stakeholders and interested persons, which assisted it in the making of its decision.

TRBR is mandated by the Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Regulation Act 2009, to regulate the telecommunications sector and to manage the radio frequency spectrum, in order to promote national social and economic development. TRBR’s Spectrum Planning, Allocation and Assignment Practices provide TRBR guidelines to, among other things:

     develop practices with regard to the strategic planning of the radio spectrum in Vanuatu with the aim of optimizing the use of radio spectrum and of avoiding harmful interference; and
    ensure the effective implementation of radio spectrum practices to ensure the availability and efficient use of radio spectrum.