TRBR continues to commit to its obligations on the implementation of the Government’s Universal Access Policy (UAP).

On the 8th of July 2022, TRBR signed the 3rd Universal Access Policy (UAP) Undertaking Agreement with Digicel and Vodafone on the rollout of their network to the underserved and unserved areas. The COVID-19 situation has quite delayed the Operators commitments in the 2nd UAP Undertaking, however this has not stopped TRBR from progressing forward with the third Undertaking Agreement that will address the underserved and unserved areas that are yet to be covered. 

Starting from the Torres Group to the southern Islands, TRBR has identified a total of 60 underserved and unserved areas during the 2020 Nationwide Coverage and Quality of Service Audit, and is spreading out these areas into phases, which are expected to be completed by 2024. Whilst Operators are erecting their towers at the identified locations, the sustainability of the towers remains a challenge, as Operators are not getting return on their investment, and quality of service is a matter to be improved as well at the network level.

These are some of the challenges that TRBR in collaboration with the Operators and support from the Government would be looking into going forward.