The Asia-Pacific region continues to experience extraordinary growth in the field of the Telecommunication/ICT sector. However, due to the vastness and diverse nature of the region spanning geography, culture, climate, and ethnicity among others, Asia Pacific countries are in different stages of development. In light of this, Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) plays a pivotal role in bringing equal representations and voices from every part of the region through various high-level events.

At the 2022 APT Policy and Regulatory Forum (PRF) meeting from 19-21 July 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand, attended by the Chief information officer of the Office of the Prime Minister Mr. Gerad Metsan, and the Regulator and Mr. Kalkoa Samson from the Office of the TRBR, Mr. Molitaviti was re-elected as one of the two Vice Chairs of APT PRF in accordance with the Working Methods of PRF. Mr. Molitaviti’s nomination was made by the Office of the Hon. Prime Minister, Hon. Bob Loughman Weibur, who is also the Minister responsible for Telecommunications/ICT in Vanuatu.

The APT Policy and Regulatory Forum (PRF) is an annual APT event where policymakers and regulatory authorities meet to discuss common Telecommunication/ICT policy and regulatory issues and challenges in the APT region. It also serves as an important platform for industry leaders to share their concerns and views in relation to policy and regulatory measures. This event is a high-level forum where important delegations from various Ministries and Regulatory Authorities from the region also deliberate on key regional issues. It also emphasizes on identifying mutual ground and collaborative approaches in addressing policy and regulatory challenges in the region.

The Forum also offers the opportunity to discuss economic and financial approaches to building sustainable ecosystem for 5G including regulatory implications and impacts of other emerging technologies on the economy and ICT landscape, Cyber Security, and rural connectivity and other matters relevant to telecommunications/ICT in the Asia Pacific region.

Also Elected at the APT PRF-22, the APT PRF Chair, Mr. Ilyas Ahmed who is the chief Executive of the Communications Authority of Maldives, and the other Vice Chair, Miss Thasawan Samorwong, Director of International Organizations Group, International Affairs Decision, Ministry of Digital Economy and Society of Thailand.