Telecommunications, Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR) together with the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) and stakeholders assembled to launch the ‘Type Approval Module system’ on the 22nd of September.

This particular system is a single web based system, which will help provide an easier and safer automatic web access for Import permits approvals and Certificates for businesses or individuals, which was at first processed manually.

The permits and Certificates from this businesses or individuals will get its approval by the TRBR.

The system will also enable TRBR, which identifies as the main facilitator, to connect with multiple regulatory Agencies that are approved under the TBRB such as; Customs and Immigration Biosecurity; Energy; Environment and Telecom to help them get permit approvals easier.

The Vanuatu Electronic Single Window Project Manager, Stanley Trief said The ‘Type Approval Module system’ is the second Phase upgrade of the ‘ASYCUDA World Program’ that was launched in 2016, which was initiated by the Government of Vanuatu.

He said there are two main objectives behind the launching of the new upgrade system. The first one is to facilitate the work of TRBR that is issuing Permits and Certificates for type approved devices that met international safety and quality standards for use in Vanuatu.

“Such devices are; Mobile Phones; Computers; Bluetooth Devices; radio and Television and the international standards are safety and quality net receptions,” said Mr. Trief

“The second objective is once the TRBR starts issuing these permits through the module, it will be linked to Custom clearance to access a more accurate information of the import goods along with their quantities.”

The second Phase upgrade started at 2019 and was made possible with help from two main donors, which is the Enhance Intergraded framework (EIF) and the Australian Government through an investment of VT200 million for the project.

Mr. Trief said there will be a third phase enhancement of the system that will be initiated next year and hopeful with help of the Vanuatu Government.

TRBR Brian Winji thanked the Australian Government and EIF and Technical team for their support to make possible for the Type Approval System to come into reality and make life easier in permit approval process.


- Dailypost