The Telecommunications, Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR) is pleased to present its fourth Telecommunications Sector Report, reporting on the state of the telecommunications and ICT market, trends, and developments in Vanuatu in 2019. The Sector Report is primarily aimed at TRBR’s stakeholders, Government, Industry, Aid Donors and more generally the people of Vanuatu.

The digitalization of Telecommunications/ICT content and services has stimulated the increase in choices, innovations, and competition for both operators and consumers. Business as usual is no longer the case for telecommunication providers as the industry is seen to be on a crossroad and the telecommunication providers in Vanuatu are experiencing a new landscape of both competitive challenges and also opportunities. Some key highlights from the Sector report are.

  • Mobile subscription rose by 5% in 2019
  • Mobile penetration increased to 92%
  • Mobile data revenue grew by 35%
  • Mobile data downloads increased by 79% to 3,800 terabytes in 2019
  • Total market revenue went down by 9%, however long run trend still shows positive growth
  • Mobile data revenue continues to dominate the mobile market as online contents such as OTT services, YouTube and Netflix is becoming more and more popular.

TRBR hope you enjoy and find this year’s report interesting and useful to continue attaining the goals of a connected Vanuatu.

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